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COVID-19: 800,000 PCR tests conducted between October 7 and 13 in UAE

  • Publish Date

    October 6, 2020

Image Credit: Ahmed Ramza / Gulf News

Dubai: A total of 800,000 PCR tests have been conducted across the UAE in the period from October 7 to 13, a 9 per cent increase over the last week, it was announced during a press briefing.

Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, the official spokesman of the news briefing on the developments of COVID-19, said at the press conference that the current positive case rate is at 1 per cent.

He added: “1 per cent is the lowest rate compared to the European Union’s (EU) 7.3 per cent, the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) 6.6 per cent,, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries’ 6.3 per cent.”

He also shared some other positive news. “This week saw a 15 per cent increase in recovery and a 46 per cent decrease in mortality compared to last week.”

After mentioning the figures, Dr Al Hammadi went on to talk about the importance of mental health, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

“Studies say that long-term poor mental health not only makes us vulnerable to viruses and diseases, but may also reduce the production of immune systems even when vaccinated against these diseases.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused psychological and social effects worldwide, creating a new psychological situation for individuals in society due to the rules of social distancing and home isolation,” he said.

“We must always protect our mental health, and the most important way to do that is to avoid false news and rumors that may increase terror and panic in society,” he added.

“Chronic psychological conditions can increase cortisol levels, cortisol is contributes to improving the functioning of our immune system. However, over time this increase and reduction in lymphocytes, makes us vulnerable to viral infections.

“People suffering mental illnesses such as depression and insomnia must be protected so that their effects do not increase with the pandemic, in addition to the elderly and those with chronic diseases,” he added.

Finally, he stressed the need to talk openly with children, to help them understand what’s going on. “We have to spend time with our children and talk to them honestly about the pandemic in order to listen to their concerns and address them appropriately.”

Source from Gulf News , published by Khitam Al Amir and Karishma Nandkeolyar on Oct.13,2020 19.02